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Eco-Kids Say it with Words

Change Your Ways - Be Green
Caleb,  10 Years Old, Dubois, Wyoming, USA
Thanks for Everything Mother Earth by Carla, 12 Years Old, Morelos Mexico
Mother a Special Word and Nature our Life by Mariana, 13 Years Old, Morelos, Mexico
Nature's Beauty By Aradhita,  12 Years Old, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
The Earth - If We Act Now We Can Reverse the Problems By Aradhita,  12 Years Old, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Save the Future of Our Mother By Aditya and Awake,  14 Years Old, Thane, Maharashtra, India
Poems & Art Projects on Global Warming By Ms. Dore's 5th Grade Students ~ Hawaii, USA
The Earth is Exquisite By Prerna,  14 Years Old, Chhattisgarh, India
Save Mother Earth Poem by Aditi, 9 Years Old, Andhra Pradesh, India
Poems about Spring, Nature & Animals By Mr. Hackney’s 3rd grade students, Kristiansand, Norway
Environment Poem by David, 9 Years Old, Kristiansand, Norway
The Earth Has Had Just About Enough By Briana, 12 Years Old, Tennessee, USA
Recycling By Malisa, 11 Years Old, New Jersey, USA
A Poem About Wolves By Tuya9 Years Old, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
Nature By Destiny ~ 11 Years Old ~ Los Angeles, California USA
AussieKidsTurningTheTide.com By Lauren ~ 13 Years Old ~ Gladstone, Queensland ~ Australia 
Rainforests By Joey ~ 12 Years Old ~ Kingaroy, Queensland ~ Australia
Life By Jessica ~ 13 Years Old ~ Scarborough, Ontario ~ Canada
Poems From a Forest ~ Before and After Roads, Houses, Stores and Factories Moved In ~ by Students in Ms. Miller's Third Grade Class ~ Bethesda, Maryland, USA
The Green and Brown Earth by Katey ~ 12 Years Old ~ East Setauket, New York
Children's Proposal to Decision Makers at the World Summit on Sustainable Development Young people from 52 countries wrote this Proposal during the Young General Assembly Special Session 
Mother Nature By Caitlin ~ 11 Years Old ~ Plainfield, Illinois  
Good-Bye By Lorraine ~ 11 Years Old ~ Davenport, Washington
Endangered Creatures by Ms. Siegelman's third grade class ~ Setauket, New York

Earth Poems by Ms. Siegelman's third grade class ~ Setauket, New York

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I am the Earth

~ 23 Poems by Mrs. Decker's third grade class  ~
New York

A Letter to all People by Melisa ~ 10 years old ~ St. James, New York

Pumpkin, Pumpkin  By Kendra ~ 10 Years Old ~ Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
Horses by Stephen ~  9 years old ~ Foothill Ranch, California
Oceans by Lizzy

Mexico is a Wonderful Place to Live by Carlos ~ 10 years old ~ Monroe, New York

The Tree by Melody ~ 11 years old ~ Falling Waters, West Virginia
The Family of Nature by Bryan ~ 10 years old ~ St. James, New York

Global Warming by Mai ~ Jr. High Student ~ Japan

Pickle by Joseph ~ Interlachen, Florida
My Favorite Tree by Melisa ~ 10 years old ~ St. James, NY

My Horse Friends by Melisa ~ 10 years old ~ St. James, NY

Bottlenose Dolphins  by Bryan ~ 9 years old ~ St. James, NY

A Letter to All People

By Melisa, 10 Years Old, St. James, NY

I love nature and I am very concerned that a lot of people are polluting the earth without realizing it. Pollution is when somebody puts poisonous things into the air, water or land. People should not pollute. When people pollute it hurts the people, the animals and the plants. When we put chemicals into the land it goes into our soil and into our water. When people and animals drink the water it makes them sick. They may not realize it right away but eventually they will feel it. When chemicals get into the ground it effects the whole food chain ~ the insects, the animals, the plants, and the people are all effected. When people cut down trees they reduce the amount of oxygen and they take away homes for animals. Most people don’t realize how cutting down trees hurts people and animals. If I could make laws, no one could put garbage in the water or in the land and all cars would run on fuel made from beans. When I grow up, I want to live on a clean earth with lots of giant trees full of animals. Please don’t pollute.


Melisa, a concerned kid for the environment

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My Favorite Tree

By Melisa ~ 10 years old ~ St. James, NY

Lovely, glistening, green, swaying back and forth.
Flowers blossoming in the spring.
Horses nibbling on the bark.
Bugs feasting on the leaves.
Leaves whispering to the wind,
~dancing in the sun.
Reaching to the sky.
My favorite tree.


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My Horse Friends

By Melisa ~ 10 years old ~ St. James, NY

Eyes sparkling with a distant blue lake inside them.
Fur as soft as a rabbit and shiny as leaves in the sun.
Cooling themselves in the mud.
Friendly to people ~ even strangers.
Love to have a lot of attention.
Run fast in the wind.
Jump real high, feel like flying in the sky.
My horse friends.


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Green / Eco-Kids Say it With Words - Kids From around the world share their thoughts, projects, poems, stories
and ideas about the Environment, the Earth, Global Warming, Nature, Animals, Forests and More.

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