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Endangered Creatures
by Ms. Siegelman's Third Grade Class
Nassakeag Elementary School ~ Long Island, NY

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By Christopher

Gorilla Gorilla
So sweet as vanilla
So black and white and brown
You don't have a frown
In Africa they live
on a large hill to give
They are hunted for meat
In the very hot heat
They sleep in a nest
They take lots of rest
Gorillas are shy and peaceful
They are also very sleepful.

By Torrey and Julia

Pouncing and searching to eat.
Scratching and smelling every day.
I live in the zoo.
It's cold and boring.
I would like to live inside the forest.
But for now I don't have to live in fear of poachers.
I am endangered.
I hope to live.
But for now I am assured the bars around can not break.

Polar Bear
By Samantha

White and real furry
Leaves in hurry

Polar Bears are good swimmers
They are one of the winners

They like to eat seal
That is their best meal

Hairy, big and strong
They are 10 feet long

They are endangered for their coats
Don't wear fur,
make yourself a note.

The Mountain Tapir
By Amanda and Melissa

He is very long
He lives by a mountain and is very strong
He is very big but does not fly
There are fewer left because hunters go by
He can weigh up to 550 pounds
and his long nose will sniff underground
He is six feet long and two and a half feet tall
When he climbs mountains he will never fall
He has thick brown fur and his lips are white
It is nocturnal and goes out only at night
It is a shy animal and it has no tail
He lives in cold weather with snow and hail
He has a very good sense of smell
But he does not hear as well
Mountain Tapirs are great
If you don't help them now
It Will Be Too Late!

Our Trees
By Amanda and Melissa

Trees are very important to people
Oxygen is what trees give
Without trees and oxygen people would not live
Animals need trees too
Just as much as people do
Trees treat people and animals great
If we don't treat them good now


By Ricky and Jonathon

Please protect me
I am a poor little tiger
If you don't hunt me
I won't hunt you
The stripes on my body
The stripes on your jacket
Man, oh man, what do you want from me?
All I want is just a little freedom
Think you guys
Don't hunt me
I am a cute and fluffy animal


(Based on a True Story)
By Michele

A fawn is a baby deer.
Her mother is not here.
She got ran over by a car.
She didn't travel very far.
Now the fawn is very sad.
Now she will never be glad.
Now she is sent away.
That is why she is in the hay.



The Giant Panda's
Woods of China
By Julia and Torrey

A long time ago
When Pandas weren't endangered
They roamed the woods of China
And had a choice of what to eat
But now-a-days
China's bear population is like seeing a dinosaur
People say "who cares "
"They are doing fine"
But if they were a panda
Seeing ancestors worn as a fancy ball gown
But anyway they have to eat plants with chemicals
Cause they can't find clean plants
In the woods of China.


By Amanda and Melissa

Really Great
Stop cutting them down

Arctic Wolf
By Ricky and Jonathon

The wolf is very bright
Blending in the dark night
I have a habitat
Just like a little cat
I like to eat some fish
But I don't have a dish
Please do not kill us for fur coats
And don't kill us with lightening BOLTS.

Barbary Seval
By Julia and Samantha

Bushy tail
Hides from Hyenas
Eats rodents, miniature deer


Sea Otters
By Amanda and Melissa

The great sea otter
Otters die in oil spills
Help us save them now


By Mike

Like a little manatee
They're related, don't you see
Feeding on sea grass
He is called a sea cow
Dugongs are caught in nets and they die
People eat their meat
They are endangered just like their relation - the manatee.

The Wood Stork
By Brendan, Ryan and Alex

With a black head and a white body.
It has big feet, a big beak and it's tall.
It has a sharp beak and a short tail.
It eats fish, insects and frogs.
It lives in swamps.
It has lots of feathers,
more than a crow.
If you save it,
You'll be a hero.
Hides from Hyenas
Eats rodents, miniature deer

Bald Eagles
By Julia

There once were eagles
Flying so high in the sky
Eagles are dainty


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