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Save the Future of Our Mother
By Aditya and Awake,  14 Years Old
Thane, Maharashtra, India

Oh my mother
Oh my mother, nature..
The people whom you nourished
are the one's to decide your future..
Our mother earth's ever increasing temperature,
is the thing we should fear..

Oh mother!
You were very kind till now,
fulfilling the needs of every living creature..
But now it's time for us to feel the cruelty..
The sweat which was perspired by you working hard,
has been now recklessly used by by your children..
You have to be a real mother teaching the living creatures how to live
before your beauty vanishes forever..

Oh people,
It's in our hands whether to transform our mother into heaven or hell..
So remember that,
Earth might not end,
If you’re Earth’s friend!

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