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Global Warming
by Ms. Dore's Fifth Grade Students
Hawaii, USA

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Erylynn's Poem
By Erylynn

Global Warming isnít hard to explain
It leaves Mother Earth crying with excruciating pain.

This hurts our planet in every single way
The changes could leave us all in sorrow and dismay. 

We need to stop it now so the temperature doesnít rise
People, plants, and animals would be in demise.

Changes in temperature due to the depleting ozone layer
We really donít need it so show us that you care.

Mother Nature canít do it all so letís give her a rest.
We all need to try and do what is best.

Our planet earth is precious and canít be replaced
We need to act now or our home will be erased.


Global Warming Project by Student from Hawaii

.  .  .  .

Nature is Cool
By Barbara ~  years old

Nature is cool in its own way,
Nature is cool in the day,
But if global warming happens,
It would not be good
For our earth and neighborhood.
Global warming would make the earth hot,
Which would be like a boiling pot.
Global warming would harm the earth,
Mother nature could not give birth,
To animals and plants,
Earth would be under a trance.
Green plants would lose their fame,
Our waters would drain.
Our government will try to help,
But you and I need to save the kelp.
So start playing it smart,
And do your part.
Life might not end,
If youíre Earthís friend!



Global Warming Project by Student from Hawaii

.  .  .  .


What Are We ?
By Donovan 

What are we?
We are monsters destroying Mother
We are destroying a lot of births.
What are we?
We are killers killing off nature
And always making a wager.
What are we?
We are polluters polluting the streams
And killing all of the greens.
What are we?
We are cleaners cleaning the drains
And acid rains are going good-bye

Soon enough.


Global Warming Project by Student from Hawaii

.  .  .  .

Effects on Mother Nature
By Koko 

Mother Nature is healthy,
And has beauty and is wealthy
But with Global Warming in the way,
It will take Mother Natureís beauty away
It will become hot,
Like a steaming pot
Leaves will become brown,
Then everybody will frown
We need coolness,
Not hotness
But also happiness,
Please Mother Nature donít come to an end
Because weíll be your friend,
To help you become healthy and green again!!!



Global Warming Project by Student from Hawaii

.  .  .  .

Could You Imagine
By Katie

Could you imagine life without school,
You could not learn and be cool.
Could you imagine not seeing grass,
We could not see the lands mass.
Could you imagine life without mammals,
You wouldnít see the distinct animals.
Life like this is caused by global warming,
No more searching, seeking, and investigating,
For that one special place,
We would lose the human race.
Earth would be sizzling,
Like a spa steaming.
All the cool, brisk air would be gone,
We would not see dusk or dawn.
Glaciers would liquefy,
Antarctica would melt and weíd say bye-bye.
We can help now,
Any way you know how.


Global Warming Project by Student from Hawaii

.  .  .  .

Global Warming

By Kira 

Burning hot temperatures
More gases in our air
Over flowing Mother Nature
Does anyone really care?
The Earth will need a fan or two
When the time comes near.
Are we out of control with our oil spills
I think that we must fear.
The factories not listening to what we have to say
We must save our Earth
And we must save it today.


Global Warming Project by Student from Hawaii

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