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Nature's Beauty
By Aradhita,  12 Years Old
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

The magic of the nature's beauty is such,

that it will surely make you amazed,

but really no one cares much,

However many troubles Mother Nature has recently faced.

Mother Nature holds so many treasures

but to save her we take no measures.

It is not one man who can achieve miracles,

but only with everybody's cooperation,

can this issue be tackled

And nature can be saved for the future generations.

A 100 years later no tree will exist, at this pace,

and then mother earth will become lifeless like any other planet in 


When I see the greenery, the flowers and the water sparkle in the sea,

The beauty really makes my heart dance,

I enjoy to the fullest this beauty

coz I'm not sure I'll get another chance.

Humans have betrayed mother earth and shown pure treachery,

but let me ask you, does kind mother earth deserve to be history? 

Read an Essay "The Earth - If We Act Now We Can Reverse the Problems"
By Aradhita

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