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Mother Nature
By Caitlin, 11 years old
Plainfield, Illinois, USA

A wonderful color I made...
For it is dark as night,
duller than bright,
Soil under my feet,
Mud between my toes,
Paint oozing through the cracks
of my fingers,
Fur beneath my hand,
And feathers between threads
of my hair.
As I watch my little critters
among my land.

Tis but thirty years later
No longer dark as night
nor duller than bright,
For pollution lightens
the sky,
The one spot where mud was
between my toes,
and dirt beneath my feet
there are factories that kill
my fresh air.
Once I had plenty of rich oil
but now tis scarce
Once, I supplied so many creatures
for you
But now some people think that killing animals is fun.
Watch and protect the creatures with me
before they are gone.

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