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In North Carolina, 8 teenagers got together to find a solution to minimize the effects logging has on the environment. They came up with the idea of issuing permits - one for the land/home owners and one for the loggers.

"The land/home owners would go to a weeklong class for about 2 hours per night so they could learn about what to look for in a logging company. Also they would learn about the ways to restore the forest once it has been logged and how to make sure that the loggers do a proper job. The permit should be renewed every harvest.

The loggers would need a permit to certify them as responsible loggers. They, too, would take a weeklong class for 2 hours per night. They would need to get it renewed annually and only the logger in charge would need to get the permit. This permit and class would go over how to replant and add buffers. It would also go over any necessary information that they need to know about adding more trees and other vegetation safely in an environmentally friendly way. 

If you have any comments or questions, please contact:

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July 1999




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