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Poems about Spring, Nature and Animals

By Mr. Hackney’s 3rd grade students, Kristiansand, Norway

Spring Life

By : Adele


Kids playing outside.

I smell the flowers in the sun.

I hear the birds singing in the blue, blue sky.

The wind is blowing the trees.

I see the butterflies flying through the sky.


.  .  .  .


Spring Time

By : Camilla


It’s sunny and the flowers are growing up.

I feel the wind blow past me.

Bees fly to the next flower.

Down the street people are playing with friends.
People can do anything.


.  .  .  .


Pure Nature

By : Flora


Outside in the school playground.

Flowers are popping.

The sun is helping them grow.

Cold wind is blowing on the grass.

There is no more snow.



.  .  .  .


Growing Life

By : Yasmin

The sun was shining.

Yellow clouds are beside it.

It looks like it is helping.
Flowers are growing.


.  .  .  .


Animals at Play

By : Laura


Spiders climbing on your folder.

Falling down because of the wind.

Bees flying up in the air.

The wind blows and the birds talk to you.

Fast cars driving down the road.

A brown bird sitting on a brown tree.

Berries hanging from a tree.

Tall trees standing on the green grass.


.  .  .  .


Feeling of Nature

By : Elizabeth


The wind blowing through your hair.

Purple flowers opening for the bees.

School children laughing and playing.

Children playing hide and seek behind the school building.

Cars driving slowly.

Wet sand between your toes. A red soft feather on the tip of your nose.


.  .  .  .


Changing Weather

By : Tanis


Sunlight making the snow melt.

The grass is really, really dry.

No hard snow storm today

Bees buzzing in sunshine.
The wonderful feeling of sand on my feet.

.  .  .  .

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