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The Tree
by Melody ~ Age 11
Falling Waters, West Virginia, USA

That tree has been there at least 90 years,  
I hear my grandmother say.
She said it was planted the day she was born and now it's her 90th birthday.
The tree is tall and stunning.
It's dark brown coat is home to many animals.
It's branches long and extended touch the lovely blue sky.
I go to sleep so happy knowing  this tree stands in the park. 
The next day the tree is gone.
Cut down by nature eaters.
I go out to see my grandma staring at the stomp.
All 90 rings are there.
My grandmother is crying softly.
A mall is being put where it once stood,
but then my heart flies open as I get an idea! 
I go to a nursery and get a seedling of a Sycamore tree, the same as my grandma's.
I tell her, this tree can live on and we can protect it forever and ever - yes - this wonderful tree!

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